Spare Parts Shipping From Turkey

Automotive is the leading sector for Turkey’s export. The sector has transformed Turkey into a global R&D and production hub in automotive manufacturing. With continuously improved performance and increased production capacity of 2 million units, the automotive industry has been Turkey’s leading exporter for the last 15 years. In 2020 marked by the pandemic, the industry continued to contribute to Turkey’s economy with dedication and further investment. In the ranking of export champions in Turkey, 5 members of OSD were among the top 10 leading companies. At the same time, working towards the target of sustainable success, the Turkish automotive industry also fulfils its environmental and social responsibilities. By embracing Sustainable Development Goals, the industry continues its progress for the future.

Despite all the unfavorable conditions during the pandemic, the industry managed to overcome the difficulties. Mindful of being the driving force behind the economy, the industry continued its business as usual by taking all necessary precautions. Our “Return to Work Guide” was prepared immediately when the effect of pandemic was in full swing. With such a quick respond, employment was increased

The most important spare parts for vehicles which are exported from Turkey;

  • Various types of engines.
  • All sizes and kinds of tires for cars and trucks.
  • Electric spare parts as tail and head lights and wirings.
  • Production of back side, and front parts made of metal for a variety of vehicles and trucks of various sizes and types.
  • Large vehicles’ braking systems and brake pads.
  • Car radiators and sensors

Factories and laboratories are trying to provide high-quality spare parts for various types of vehicles and trucks, as well as assisting with exporting spare parts and communicating with clients and shipping firms.

Thanks to Serglobex’s shipping experience for automobile spare parts to Russia, Africa, Middle East countries, and the rest of the world, Serglobex have established solid relationships with factories and firms that produce car spare parts.

Advantages of contracting Serglobex for shipping spare parts for cars and trucks from Turkey

Serglobex has been able to ensure timely delivery at a reasonable cost providing as well a high-level shipment safety with best packaging and care.

Advantages of shipping spare parts for cars and trucks from Turkey

  • Accelerating the pace at which shipments are received and delivered in accordance to a specific schedule.
  • Providing customs clearing services in a variety of countries.
  • Providing the necessary documentation for shipping vehicle spare parts from Turkey as well as customs clearance in the destination country.
  • Tracing shipments till they reach their destination country.
  • Upon request, Serglobex provides insurance for shipments against hazards.
  • Providing spare parts shipment services from door to port or even from door to door, if requested by the client.
  • The expert crew has experience dealing with various types of shipments and implementing correct packaging procedures.

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