Express courier service is an expedited delivery service available to our customers. Through our partnerships with well—respected and reputable international courier providers, we can offer our customers a wide range of express parcel and package delivery services that meet the tightest of deadlines, with deliveries around the world in as little as 2 – 3 days.

Personal Effects

Our experienced and friendly team have been helping individuals move their belongings around the world. They are always at the other end of the phone, and able to talk individuals through any requirements and documentation they will need for the process. Our flexibility means we work to try and accommodate any personal requirements that our customers need.

We recommend you make contact with us about our international freight services, even before you send the shipment to avoid costly mistakes. Let us take the hassle for you. We will liaise with your overseas carrier and ensure that things proceed smoothly this end.

Excess Baggage

Save time at the airport and avoid excess baggage fees when you use Serglobex. Travel stress-free and fly through the airport.

Whether you are relocating abroad for professional or private reasons, or perhaps returning home from overseas; unless you are willing to pay extortionate excess baggage fees, chances are you’ll need an international removals company to ship your belongings.

Do you need Shipping Address in Turkey?

Many products are less expensive in TURKEY but sellers and websites do not ship directly to international addresses…

Take&Ship provides international shoppers with a Turkey shipping address you can use when placing orders with online stores.
The store ships your purchases to Take&Ship.

Sign up with our easy online registration form and get your own TAKE & SHIP address in Turkey.

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